My Favorite Carousel

My Favorite Carousel

No trip to Ocean City Maryland is complete without a ride on Trimper’s Carousel. Since my childhood days I have loved that merry-go-round. No other carousel can compare, not even the one in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

The carousel is 50 feet in diameter and features more than just horses. There is a tiger, an ostrich, a sea serpent, a frog, a zebra, a tabby cat. And the horses have real hair tails. It also has three chariots, like this one:

carousel 1

Best of all, for little kids who are scared of moving up and down, some of the animals are stationary.

carousel 3

carousel 2

The animals are beautifully painted, and the brass poles gleam like gold.  It has been exceedingly well maintained and never fails to send me on a trip down memory lane.

For those with an interest in the supernatural, they say that the carousel is even haunted. Joanne Trimper, wife of the wife of the owner, also loved the carousel and had a favorite horse — a white horse with a turquoise sash. That horse has been named in her honor “Forever Joanne.”

Employees and visitors have said that they can often smell her perfume when no one else is nearby.

Trimpers Amusements is located on the boardwalk at South First Street near the Ocean City inlet. Telephone:  410-289-8617. Hours are seasonal.


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