The Birds of Sea World Orlando

The Birds of Sea World Orlando

I had never been to Sea World prior to our trip to Florida last March. My entire knowledge about the place was limited to (1) my husband had gone there when he was a kid and (2) they had received a lot of bad press about their orca attraction.

Despite the bad press, I wanted to go. We decided to dedicate one of our Orlando days to visiting Sea World.

One of the first animals we encountered was this handsome fellow:

seaworld orlando pelicans birds

He was very friendly and very cooperative about posing for photos.

In between the water shows, we headed to the attraction called Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be like, but I think penguins are pretty cool, so we got in line. We waited and waited and waited. For over an hour, in the Florida heat. I thought about bailing out and going to do something else – anything else! – more than a few times. Eventually, though, we got to the doors and entered the attraction, where we proceeded to wait some more.  🙁

Eventually, we were asked to split into two lines – one for a WILD ride and one for a MILD ride. Due to my extreme tendency toward motion sickness, we chose mild. We got into this little buggy and proceeded on our way. Cartoon penguins looked out at us as we whizzed by. I remember thinking, I waited an hour for THIS?!?!?

But then…

We got to an area that had a window instead of a screen.  And there were so many penguins on the other side of that window I could hardly believe it. Live penguins! I couldn’t believe my eyes. But before I had a chance to even articulate my surprise, we started moving again.

And then…

Then, we were deposited onto the other side of that window, in the enclosure with the penguins themselves. We got out of the buggy thing and took it all in.

seaworld orlando penguins birds

It was amazing! All sorts of different penguin breeds, standing, swimming, grooming themselves, eating.

seaworld orlando birds penguins

Fortunately, they let us stay as long as we wanted to, because I didn’t want to leave. Can’t recommend this attraction enough!

Sea World Orlando is located at 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821.  Telephone 1-888-800-5447.  Park hours vary by day and season.  Call or check the website for hours.

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