The Romance of Brittany, France’s Celtic Nation

The Romance of Brittany, France’s Celtic Nation

Very few people would think of France as being Celtic. However, the region of Brittany in northwest France is one of the original six Celtic nations. It’s also one of the most beautiful regions in the country, and it’s often overlooked by international tourists. Just four hours away from Paris by train or six by car, Brittany captures all the romance of Paris and more. Here are some of the most romantic destinations within the Brittany region.

St. Malo

St Malo - Romance of Brittany France Walled City

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The distinguishing feature of St. Malo, on the northern coast of Brittany, is the wall that surrounds the area. Construction of the original wall began around the 12th century, and with the help of many improvements over the years, it still stands strong today. Visitors can walk the entire length of the ramparts while holding hands and gazing out at the sea. Alternatively, you can explore the historic streets, admire the architecture, do some shopping, and stop for a drink at a café.

Pink Granite Coast – Morlaix

Pink Granite Coast Morlaix - Romance of Brittany France

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Adventurous couples will enjoy exploring the Pink Granite Coast of Morlaix Bay. The area is renowned for its unusually shaped pink rock formations. You’ll find them on the coastal path between Perros-Guirec and the port of Ploumanac’h. Wind and waves have worn down the rocks, resulting in strange shapes that will remind you of animals or everyday objects.

Mont St. Michel

Mont St Michel - Romance of Brittany France and Normandy

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Technically, Mont St. Michel is in Normandy, but it’s quite close to the Breton coast. Since it’s such a spectacular site, I would be remiss not to include it.

Mont St. Michel is a tidal island, which means that when the tide is low, you can walk right out to it. At high tide, water surrounds the area. The island’s development started in the 11th century, when it was the site of an abbey. It was fortified for defense in the centuries that followed. Today, it’s home to posh hotels and charming restaurants. I’d recommend booking a room at the romantic Auberge Saint-Pierre, which features magnificent views of the sea, half-timbered walls, a stone-paved terrace, and a four-star restaurant. You’ll feel like royalty!

Beauport Abbey

Beauport Abbey - Romance of Brittany France

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Beauport Abbey, constructed in the 13th century, overlooks Paimpol Bay. After the turmoil of the French Revolution, the site became a stable, town hall, residential accommodation, school, and cider press. Maybe I read too many gothic romance novels during my formative years, but there’s something so romantic about larger-than-life buildings that still stand as ruins. The beautiful flowers and gardens at Beauport make it even more romantic.

Brittany has a lot to offer in the way of romantic destinations, with cobblestone streets in historic towns, the cozy isolation of small islands, stunning vistas, and so much more. Enjoy the romance of Paris, but be sure to set aside a few days for a side trip to Brittany and keep the romantic vibe going strong. You’ll be glad you did!

The Romance of Brittany, France's Celtic Nation

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