Carlo’s Bakery – Hoboken, NJ

Carlo’s Bakery – Hoboken, NJ

As we were driving up to Vermont last fall, my husband asked me to give him a rough overview of what our route would be. I told him that we would be going through nearly the entire state of Delaware, most of New Jersey, and then New York before crossing over the border into Vermont.

“New Jersey?” my daughter piped up from the back seat. “Are we going through Hoboken?” She was excited at the possibility.

Most thirteen year olds don’t know a lot about Hoboken, let alone do they want to go there. But she had watched several seasons of “Cake Boss” on Netflix, so she was quite familiar with Hoboken and Buddy Valastro, owner of Carlo’s Bakery.

I checked. It was easily do-able. So I plugged the address for Carlo’s into the GPS and off we went.

Hoboken is really quite lovely. The views of New York City as you approach Hoboken are magnificent, and there is a nice little waterfront area. Carlo’s Bakery is, just as the sign says, across from city hall there.

We were traveling on a Saturday, and Carlos was packed. I mean, wall to wall people, as you can see:

cake boss 5

We took a number and headed to the nearby Walgreens for a rest room break, then killed some more time on the park benches outside city hall.

When we returned to the bakery, we inched our way up to the display cases and were treated (no pun intended) to some delicious looking desserts.

cake boss 4.jpg

Including some that were festively decorated for fall.

cake boss 1.jpg

cake boss 6.jpg

Cupcakes were $3.00 each. That’s the same that my local gourmet baker charges for her cupcakes, and she is not famous, so I felt like it was a good deal.

We hung out while we waited for our number to be called and watched them making pies and such in the area at the far end of the bakery.

cake boss 7

And after a while, Mauro came out to talk to someone.

cake boss 2

I bought a caramel cupcake for me, a cannoli for my husband, a mini chocolate truffle cake for my daughter, and something called a sfogliatella just because there were a million layers of pastry and I had never seen anything like it before.  It was all so tasty and rich!

I think we were there for close to 90 minutes. If you’re in the area and have the time, I would recommend stopping by. For fans of the show, it’s a definite must-see!

Carlo’s Bakery is located at 95 Washington Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030.  Telephone 201-659-3671. The bakery opens daily at 7:00 am; closing hours vary by day.

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