Concrete Corn – Dublin OH

Concrete Corn – Dublin OH

Field of Corn is a publicly funded art installation in Dublin, Ohio. The installation consists of 109 concrete ears of corn positioned in rows and standing upright in a grassy field.

Concrete Corn Cobs in Dublin OH

The corn ears are on display in the Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park. That parcel of land was originally farmed by Sam Frantz, an inventor of several hybrid corn species, and was donated to the city in the late twentieth century. The art installation is partly a tribute to Sam Frantz and is also intended to remind visitors of Dublin’s agricultural heritage.

Three different molds were used to cast the concrete ears of corn, which stand about 8 feet tall and weigh approximately 1500 pounds. The breed of corn represented is known as Corn Belt Dent Corn, a hybrid variety. The ears are rotated in several directions to make it appear as if each ear is unique.

Concrete Ears of Corn in Dublin OH

I just wanted to snap a few pictures and move on, but we lingered when we saw how much fun the kids had running in between the ears of corn, hiding behind them, and peeking around them. Worth a stop if you have young ones or if you appreciate modern art.

Field of Corn is located in the Sam and Eulalia Frantz Park, located at 4995 Rings Rd Dublin, OH 43017.  


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