Dolphins @ Sea World Orlando

Dolphins @ Sea World Orlando

We loved seeing the dolphin shows at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, so of course we wanted to see the one at Sea World in Orlando too. It’s called Blue Horizons and it’s a “theatrical animal show.”

I’m not sure why they chose to go with a dramatic tale instead of just showing off the awesomeness of the dolphins, but I have to say I didn’t get it. The story is supposed to be about “a young girl named Marina as she discovers the secrets of the sea and sky in a mesmerizing blue world of adventure and wonder.” Whatever that means!  I just kept watching and waiting for the dolphins to do some amazing tricks.

seaworld dolphin show (1)

They did, as you can see above.  But in between amazing leaps and perky fin waving, there were a lot of costumes and acrobatics.  And occasionally, the two segments of the show combined.

seaworld dolphin show (6).JPG

Things got a little freaky when, towards the end of the show, an acrobat came out dressed like this:

seaworld dolphin show (14).JPG

That was a pretty stunning moment.  She twirled around in a way that made it look like she was flying, and then this happened:

seaworld dolphin show (16) (1).JPG

That I was not prepared for.  I tend to get a little jumpy when birds with big wings are flying right over my head.

So, if you’re headed to Sea World, my opinion is that Blue Horizons should not be on your short list of things to see, but rather on the “maybe I’ll check it out if I have time” list.


Sea World is located at  7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821.  Telephone 1-888-800-5447.  Hours vary by season; call or check the website when planning your visit.

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