How to Go Around the World in One Day

How to Go Around the World in One Day

Every year on a Saturday in May, you can travel many countries without ever leaving the US.  It’s part of a Cultural Tourism initiative in Washington DC, and it’s called the Around the World Embassy Tour.

On that designated day, roughly 40 different embassies will open their doors to curious tourists who want to learn more about their countries.  Programs vary from embassy to embassy, but may include displays, food and beverage samples, music, and travel information.

The best part of all is that the program is entirely free and open  to the public.  What a great way to experience and learn about other cultures without the expense of international travel!

The Kazakhstan embassy had mannequins in traditional garb, beautiful woven rugs on the wall, and information about business opportunities in Kazakhstan.


Australia gave everyone a reusable shopping bag with AUSTRALIA on it .  They also gave us food and wine samples, and provided us with aboriginal music from a didgeridoo.


Trinidad and Tobago had a steel drum band playing outside, and inside we learned about their traditions for Carnivale.


The Mexico tour was not in the embassy itself, but in a different building.  It was stunning. There was a multi-story mural of Mexico’s history, stained glass windows, and a gorgeous tiled room where they had a woman playing the guitar.


So, if you’re planning to be in DC during the month of May, check the Cultural DC website to see if your visit will coincide with the embassy tour.  If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to travel around the world in one day, too!

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