Travel Products to Pack Every Time You Leave Home

Travel Products to Pack Every Time You Leave Home

Whether visiting another continent or staying in your own state, there are three essential travel items that I consider absolutely vital when traveling away from home. Without them, I spend too much of my vacation time being worried or cranky.  And who wants to spend their hard-earned vacation feeling like that?  Not I!   So here are three products that I consider absolutely indispensable when I am traveling away from home.



They are absolute lifesavers when spending a night anywhere other than my own bedroom.  They block out the sounds of traffic, people talking in the hallway outside your hotel room door, noisy plumbing, and the like.  However, loud noises such as fire alarms, alarm clocks, and the like will still get through, so it isn’t unsafe to wear them.  (If traveling alone, I might think twice about using earplugs.  But if traveling with another adult, there is no question on how valuable they can be to ensuring a good night’s rest.)

And the best part is, they’re inexpensive and easy to find.  You can get a pack of several pairs for under $5 at any drug store or retail superstore.  I am partial to the ones that have the rounded end and are made of soft foam.  You give them a squeeze to compress them, stick them in each ear, and then wait for them to expand for a snug fit.

Travel Pillow

But not just any travel pillow.  For starters, it has to actually work.  And second, it can’t make you look ridiculous.  I can’t stand those semi-circular neck donuts.  This one, the Trtl Pillow, is so much better!

essential travel item trtl pillow

If you have ever fallen asleep while riding as a passenger on any form of transportation, you know how it feels to have your head bobbing forward or to one side, usually waking you up in the process.  At best, it’s irritating.  At worst, it’s painful.  The Trtl Pillow supports your head and neck in such a way that you can fall asleep comfortably, even sitting completely upright.

There are strengthening ribs inside the pillow that cradle the head and keep it from lolling to the side or falling forward.  The ribs are covered in a soft foam and fleece material.  It can be placed on either side of your head or, if your head tends to fall forward when sleeping, it can also be placed in front, under your chin.

The fleece fabric wraps around your neck and is secured in place with a strip of velcro. It’s also machine washable.  Best of all, it looks way better than one of those neck ring pillows. The Trtl Pillow costs $29.99 and is well worth the investment.

A Place to Stash Your Cash

My third must-have product is the Bandi, which comes in two sizes: belt or headband.  (I have the belt.)

essential travel item bandi money belt


The Bandi is made of a stretchy material, and each Bandi item has a pocket concealed within so you can easily and safely carry your essentials (money, phone, house key, ID card).  The adult belts have a divided main pocket so you can separate what you carry into two sections.  Headbands, by necessity, have a single smaller pocket and hold just tiny items.

These are mainly marketed as being for individuals who run/walk for exercise.  However, I used mine on our recent trip to England and I loved the way I was able to carry my cash, credit card, and ID without having to worry about becoming the victim of a pickpocket.

Bandi Wear comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Headbands are $11 and belts are $28-32.

The above is an honest review based on my own experiences with these products.  I purchased these items myself and have not received any promotional consideration in exchange for sharing my opinions.

Are there any special items that you are sure to pack every time you leave home?

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