Green Mount Cemetery VT

Green Mount Cemetery VT

I’m a little weird in that I like to tour really old cemeteries. It’s not that I have a fascination with death or that I’m into the occult. I just think that you can find some extraordinary art in cemeteries. So on our recent trip to Vermont, I decided we should take a little detour to Green Mount Cemetery in Montpelier.

green mount 2

One of the first things we saw when we arrived was the William Stowell tomb. It features a huge chunk of granite with a set of stairs cut into it.

green mount 1

Then there is the grave of Margaret Pritkin, who died at age seven in 1900. It is incredibly realistic looking.

green mount 3

The story goes that Margaret’s parents gave the sculptor a photograph of their daughter when they commissioned him to do the memorial. When he delivered the finished statue, they were upset that he had left a button off of one of her boots. He then showed them the photograph, which clearly showed that Margaret had indeed been missing a button. Talk about an eye for detail!

Finally, there’s Black Agnes. It’s actually the grave of John Erastus Hubbard. Neither black nor female, the statue is really called Thanatos, which is Greek for death. Local legend has it that the statue is cursed. Anyone who sits on the lap of the statue will supposedly either encounter bad luck or die. (I didn’t test it.)

green mount 6

The Green Mount Cemetery is located at  250 State St, Montpelier, VT 05602.  Telephone 802-223-5352.

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