Hidden Mickeys at Disney World

Hidden Mickeys at Disney World

When I was preparing for our trip to Disney World, I read about Hidden Mickeys and I couldn’t wait to go on a quest to find them all.

Well, I didn’t find them all, but I found a lot, and it was so much fun! How can you not enjoy something that combines the adventure of a scavenger hunt with the magical fun of Disney World?

A Hidden Mickey is a shape that resembles Mickey Mouse’s head and ears. This one was pretty obvious, if you happened to be looking at the gravel.

Hidden Mickey 1

Others are much more subtle and easy to miss. Some are a permanent arrangement; others change.

How did this all start? Well, when EPCOT Center was being designed in the late 1970s/early 1980s, it was intended to be an adult-oriented Disney park, complete with the option to buy alcoholic beverages. With the addition of alcohol, it was decided that no Disney characters would be seen within EPCOT Center. The Imagineers working on EPCOT took that as a special challenge, and found ways to work the Mickey Mouse symbol into their designs for the park. Disney changed their minds and now we see the Disney characters all over Epcot, but the Hidden Mickeys remain and in fact can be found in all of the Disney World parks, even newly constructed attractions.

On our second trip to Disney World we made a family competition of finding the Hidden Mickeys. It was a blast! Here are a few that we found and photographed.

A shop door in Morocco at Epcot

Hidden Mickey 3

An arrangement of sports equipment on a balcony at Hollywood Studios

Hidden Mickey 2

The drapes at All Star Movies resort:

Hidden Mickey 4

I highly recommend looking for Hidden Mickeys as a fun family activity – it’s something that even teenagers who think they are too old or too cool for Disney World will enjoy.  🙂

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