Not Your Mama’s Beach

Not Your Mama’s Beach

Ah, Lake Superior. With a name like that, it has to be great, right? Well, when my family and I visited the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, they wanted to go to the top of the light tower. I did too, but I wasn’t allowed because I was wearing flip flops. So I sat down on a bench and waited until they were at the top, then I took their picture. They lingered a while, so I decided to take a little walk while I waited for them to return.

It didn’t take long for me to discover that there was a pathway out to the beach. I walked onto the deck and – being an Eastern Shore girl who needs to stick her toes in the water whenever and wherever she sees it – kicked off my flip flops and ran toward the waves.

beach dune

Big mistake. The beach is absolutely littered with rocks. Thankfully, they were smooth and round, but still quite solid and not the sort of thing you want to be walking on barefoot. The closer I got to the water, the more rocks there were, until:

beach rocks 5.JPG

They do not have beaches like this where I come from. Just sand. So I quickly limped/hopped back to where I’d left my shoes and put them back on, then proceeded to pick up some of the prettier rocks. My family joined me and we enjoyed the beach for a while, eventually content to just play with the rocks and arrange them artistically.

beach rocks 9

So, if you plan on visiting Whitefish Point Michigan, consider this a public service announcement: wear some closed toe shoes and don’t attempt walking on the beach without them.

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