Bucket List: A Light Festival

Bucket List: A Light Festival

I’m not being specific here, because there are light festivals in several different countries and I don’t really care which one I see because they all look pretty fantastic.

The first light festival that I learned about was the Light Festival of Ghent, Belgium, which is held every three years.  The last one was held at the end of January/beginning of February 2015.  The next one is set for 2018.  (Plenty of time for me to save up for a trip there!)


But I have lots of other choices, too.  There’s Lumiere in England.  It’s held in the city of Durham every two years, and always in the winter.  The next one will be in 2017.  (They recently held on in London as well, but I’m not sure if that one will be a recurring event.)


In Singapore, there is iLight Marina Bay, which just became an annual event and is generally held in March.

iLight Marina Bay Singapore

In the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the GLOW Festival is held every autumn.

glow eindhoven

Every December there is a light festival in Kobe, Japan, as well.


And these are just a few!  It seems most countries that have these festivals hold them in the winter months, which is pretty brilliant, because that’s the time when we have less sunlight, fewer holidays, and tend to become… well, sort of depressed, if I’m being honest.  How amazing it must be to go into a brightly lit city that sparkles in a multitude of colors against the night sky!   Wouldn’t you enjoy going to one of these festivals?

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