I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

The seaside town of Margate, New Jersey, has one very big, very old resident.  It’s Lucy the Elephant, and she’s a real gem.

Lucy 1

Lucy stands about six stories tall and was originally built in 1881.  The man who built her, James V Lafferty, would take people up to the howdah (the part people would sit in if they were riding a real elephant) and show them parcels of real estate that were for sale.  I visited Lucy on a dreary, overcast day, but it was not difficult to imagine that it would have been a great view.

Lucy 8

Over the years, Lucy has been a restaurant, business office, cottage, and tavern. And while Lucy was referred to as “The Elephant Hotel of Atlantic City” on many souvenir postcards, there was never actually a hotel within the elephant structure.

In 1969, a group of Margate citizens formed a grass roots committee to save Lucy the Elephant from demolition.  Their efforts were successful, and in 1976 Lucy was even designated a National Historic Landmark.  Stop by to visit and tour the inside whenever you’re in the Atlantic City area.

The end.  🙂

Lucy 3

Lucy the Elephant is located at 9200 Atlantic Ave, Margate City, NJ 08402. Telephone 609-823-6473.  Hours vary by season, so check the website or call before visiting.

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