Monument to Leatherlips – Powell, OH

Monument to Leatherlips – Powell, OH

Leatherlips, leader of the Wyandot Indians, often encouraged cooperation with white settlers near the end of his life.



In 1810, Leatherlips’ brother Roundhead, a fellow Wyandot chief, ordered his execution. Leatherlips was condemned to death by other natives for his desire to cooperate with white settlers. It is widely believed that Leatherlips was executed for exaggerated charges of witchcraft to draw attention away from the true political motives.

Dispatched by Roundhead, six Wyandots traveled to what is now Dublin, Ohio just north of Columbus and announced the death sentence. Although white settlers pleaded for the old chief and attempted to bribe the death squad, the trial and sentencing were swift. After clothing himself in his finest attire, Leatherlips, joined by his executioners, sang the death chant and prayed. Then he was killed by tomahawk.

The monument to Chief Leatherlips is 11 feet high and made of limestone slabs. It was erected in Dublin, Ohio in 1990.


The Leatherlips Monument is located at 7377 Riverside Drive in Powell, OH.

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