A Luxurious Getaway in PA

A Luxurious Getaway in PA

Tucked away in the Cumberland Valley area of Pennsylvania is a luxurious resort with a fascinating history.  It’s the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, and it’s worth a visit if you are ever looking for a place to relax and get away from it all.


There are eight mineral springs on the property which were touted for their curative powers as far back as 1796.  It’s those springs that feed the resorts heated indoor swimming pool — one of the first indoor pools in the country, and undoubtedly one of the loveliest even today.


Just as appealing as the appearance of the hotel is its history.  There have been ten US Presidents who have visited Bedford Springs, seven while holding the office of President. One of them, James Buchanan, made the resort his “summer White House” in the 1850s.

In 1858, James Buchanan received the very first trans-Atlantic telegraph message in the lobby of the Bedford Springs resort.  It was sent by Queen Victoria.  That message hangs in the resort lobby even today.

The hotel also houses a 39-star American flag — the only one in existence — because there were 36 states when the flag was made in 1865, but the maker of the flag hoped that three more states would join the union, so she added them.

The most charming piece of the resorts history, however, is the story about women who visited the resort as newlyweds.  They would test the authenticity of the diamond in  their new ring by scratching their name upon the window glass.  If it cut into the glass, they knew it was a real diamond.  This practice was called the Truing of the Ring and, wisely, the Omni hotel chain chose not to replace those windows.  Look for the names in the glass when you visit.


When we visited the resort, it was winter, and not very hospitable weather.  However, that didn’t stop us from going out and seeing a few sights.  There is a building shaped like a coffee pot in nearby Bedford PA, and a dozen or so rustic covered bridges like this one:


After a chilly day exploring the countryside, we were pleased to return to the hotel and find fire pits and smores kits.  What a fun weekend!


The Omni Bedford Springs Resort is located at 2138 Business 220, Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522. Telephone 814-623-8100.  I did not receive any compensation or promotional consideration for writing this review.

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