One Ocean (Orca Show) at Sea World Orlando

One Ocean (Orca Show) at Sea World Orlando

We almost felt guilty about going to see the orca show at Sea World, given that there had been so much bad press about them in recent years. But we had paid the full admission price to get in and I needed to sit for a spell, so we moseyed over to the Shamu Stadium.

Arriving early, we picked good seats that were not in the splash zone (although goodness knows a splash or two of cool water would have felt pretty good right about then).  One of the trainers was out with one of the orcas, and was making a big show of rubbing all over it and kissing on it. Either she was doing that under orders to make it known that Sea World staff puffy-pink-heart LOVES their orcas, or she needs to get out more. I’m hoping it’s the former and not the latter.


Anyway, after I finished gawking at that awkward cross-species PDA, I noticed that the stadium had begun to fill up quite a bit. What followed was a semi-dramatic combination of video clips, voice over narration, and some amazing orca leaps and dives, along with the requisite splashing of the people in the front rows. The orcas are majestic creatures and despite their size, they made jumping out of the water look effortless and graceful.



NOTE: The orca shows at Sea World are being phased out. By 2019, Sea World Orlando will no longer offer shows featuring the killer whales.

Sea World Orlando is located at 7007 Sea World Dr, Orlando, FL 32821. Telephone 1 (888) 800-5447. Park hours vary by season; check the web site or call for opening/closing times when planning your trip.

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