Panoramic Photo Prints

Panoramic Photo Prints

On our recent trip to the UK, I often found myself blown away by the vast beauty laid out before me.  On those occasions, I took a panoramic photo with my phone, even though I have never been able to get panoramic photo prints.  Every time I’ve tried, the prints I got back were either wildly distorted or severely cropped. So eventually, I just stopped trying to use that feature on my phone’s camera.

HOWEVER, this time I figured even if all I could do was look at it on my computer monitor, it was still better than trying to capture the scene before me in a 4×6 print. I’m sure you can see why:

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland
Staithes Harbor, Yorkshire
North York Moors National Park
Flamborough Lighthouse & Cliffs, Yorkshire

Once I was home, I Googled panoramic photo prints in order to find a vendor who could print them correctly.  The first few that popped up were cost-prohibitive.  Then I found AdoramaPix, which only charges $1.19 for each 4″ x 12″ panoramic photo print.  I was so pleased with their service!  I ordered my prints on October 11, received notification of shipment on October 13, and received them on October 17.  The prints were exactly as I ordered, including the custom cropping I requested.  I’m happy to say that in the future, I will take more panoramic photos now that I know I can trust AdoramaPix to print them.

This is NOT a sponsored review.  I have received NOTHING from AdoramaPix other than the prints, which I bought and paid for.  I am just a happy customer.  🙂

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