Pirates of the Caribbean @ Disney World

Pirates of the Caribbean @ Disney World

The blockbuster movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” was rooted in a Disneyland attraction that first opened in 1967. The attraction also opened at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1973. It tells the story of a band of pirates and their troubles and exploits, which guests view from a boat ride.


The similarities between the ride and the movie can best be summed up like this:


Do you remember that scene in the movie? Imprisoned pirates are trying to convince a dog to bring them the keys.

For the most part, the ride is pretty cheesy but fun, and it has been updated to include characters from the Pirates movies. You’ll see Captain Barbosa aboard the ship:


Then a little farther along, you will see Jack Sparrow trying to blend in amidst a pile of ransacked belongings.


And of course, there are plenty scenes of drunken revelry.

Um, you might want to get that foot looked at, sir.

Then you get one last glimpse of Jack Sparrow before exiting the ride.


It’s a fun ride and I would definitely recommend it for anyone who loves pirates in general or the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in particular.

Pirates of the Caribbean is located in the Adventure Land section of Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld.  

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