The Prettiest 5 Miles in Texas

The Prettiest 5 Miles in Texas

Try this experiment. Tell random people that you are going to San Antonio at some point in the future. With very few exceptions, the most frequent reaction you will receive is a breathless gasp followed by “Oh, you have to go to the Riverwalk!” Not the Alamo, AKA the birthplace of Texas. The Riverwalk: shopping and dining mecca.

I thought it was a bit ridiculous when I kept running into that reaction from everyone. But then I actually went and I could completely understand why. Where else might you walk freely through a city, unperturbed by cars and noise, and happen upon a waterfall?

San Antonio Riverwalk 1A.jpg

Or perhaps you’re into art. How about some mosaics?

San Antonio Riverwalk 3.jpg

Or maybe architecture is your thing.

San Antonio Riverwalk 2

Bottom line, the Riverwalk is probably the prettiest 5 miles in Texas. We would go see the sights, but we always kept coming back to the Riverwalk for its imagined solitude and relaxing ambiance.

There are plenty of restaurants along the Riverwalk, and stores too, but the best way to enjoy it is to stroll along and do a little people-watching. Take in the scenery, listen to the water, and enjoy the fact that the noise and traffic are out of sight, out of mind.

San Antonio Riverwalk 5

The Riverwalk is located one floor below street level in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

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