The Airport of Our Dreams

The Airport of Our Dreams

singapore airport changi

I think I am going to have to route my next major trip in such a way that I have a lengthy layover in the Singapore airport. Why? Because the Changi Airport in Singapore has added amenities for travelers who are visiting Singapore, or waiting to catch a flight, and those amenities are outstanding. Here are just some of the things you can do there:

  • Catch a movie. The Singapore airport has two theaters showing movies 24 hours a day. Free.
  • Do some gaming. From Xbox 360 to Kinect stations, the Entertainment Deck is a one-stop integrated multimedia entertainment center. The Entertainment Deck also has music booths equipped with built-in speakers and TVs showing music videos. Free.
  • Visit the orchid garden. Feast your eyes on colorful rare orchids and their hybrids, including the seasonal display of Singapore’s national flower – the Vanda Miss Joaquim. Free.
singapore airport orchid garden
The Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, national flower of Singapore.
  • Go for a swim. The airport has a rooftop pool, jacuzzi, and shower facilities.  All visitors receive a towel and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink. A small fee applies unless you are staying at Aerotel.
  • Stroll through the cactus garden. Also located on the rooftop, the garden boasts over 100 species of cacti and succulents from Africa and the Americas. Free.
  • Take in some art. The Kinetic Rain installation depicts the joy of travel and is the world’s largest kinetic sculpture. It’s difficult to describe it adequately, so I’ll stick to the basics: there are 1,216 aluminium and copper raindrops controlled by individual motors. The drops move with precisely choreographed movements. Look it up on YouTube so you can see for yourself.  It’s nothing short of mesmerizing. Free.
singapore airport art
Some of the raindrops of the Kinetic Rain art installation.
  • Go on a giant slide. Changi airport has Singapore’s tallest slide (over 35 feet high), which is also the world’s tallest slide in an airport. (There are others?) You can redeem a ride on the slide for every $10 spent at Changi Airport on a single receipt. Free.

singapore airport sliding board changi

  • Visit the sunflower garden. You’ll see 500 cheerful, bright yellow flowers. Perfect for Instagrammers or anyone whose spirits need to be brightened. Free.
  • Pamper yourself.  The airport has two spas offering services to help you feel beautiful and rested, such as massage, manicure and pedicure, reflexology, hot shower and more. Because who wouldn’t love a massage after spending a few hours in a cramped airplane seat?
  • Visit the butterfly garden. Travelers of any age will enjoy visiting this home to over 1,000 butterflies.  Especially fascinating is the Emergence Enclosure, where visitors can witness the birth of a butterfly as it exits its cocoon and takes its first flight. Free.

singapore airport changi butterfly garden

But that’s not all. There are loads of shops and top quality gourmet restaurants for travelers to enjoy while they wait for their flight. But maybe you’d like to get out of the airport instead?  There is a free Singapore sightseeing tour available for travelers who have a layover of five hours or more.

In addition, a new area called Project Jewel is currently under construction.  The addition will be 10 stories high — five underground and five above ground — and it will contain an indoor forest with hiking trails and a 120 foot vortex of water cascading down from the roof. The forest will be the largest indoor garden in Singapore and the vortex will be celebrated as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. An accompanying sound and light show are also planned.

As a result of these airport innovations, Singapore has seen an increase in tourism, so this could be the beginning of a new trend in air travel.  I certainly hope other airports follow suit!

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