Riding the Soo Locks

Riding the Soo Locks

The Soo Locks are located on the St. Marys River between Lake Superior and Lake Huron. An average of 10,000 ships pass through the locks each year. My husband has a thing for alternative methods of transportation (trains, ferry boats, and the like), so I thought it would be neat to take a little cruise through the locks.


The boat entered the first lock, and the gates started closing behind us. I confess, I have a tiny bit of claustrophobia, and this made me uncomfortable as I felt a bit trapped.

gates 3

Fortunately, though, the water slowly rose, and we rose with it.

gates 8.JPG

(Same gate, although we are a little farther away from it in this shot.)

We did this a couple of times and then enjoyed a little tour of the surrounding area. The highlight for me was probably going under the International Bridge that connected the US and Canada.

international bridge 2

It’s weird to realize that there is one country to your left, and a different country to your right. Another exciting moment was when we came very close to this huge freighter ship.  (I looked it up later and discovered that it was 767 feet long. Not hard to believe – as we passed by it, I didn’t think we would ever see the end!)

passing freighter

As we came back to port at Sault Ste Marie, we got a better look at this big old hydroelectric power plant.

power house 4

I love those lighthouses in the brick work! But even more impressive is that this plant was built in 1902 and it is still operating today – 114 years later!

It was a relaxing way to see the area from a different perspective. And, as my husband would say, now we can say we’ve been through canal locks!  🙂

Soo Locks Boat Tours run rain or shine, seven days a week, from May 15 to October 15. The boats are located off of East Portage Avenue in Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. Telephone (800) 432-6301


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