Along the Way: St. Ignace, MI

Along the Way: St. Ignace, MI

Many times, we are so focused on getting to our destination that we fail to appreciate the things we see along the way.  Those unexpected places and people, if we pay attention, can be some of our most rewarding encounters when we travel.

One of my favorite “Along the Way” places was St. Ignace, Michigan.  We had to drive to St. Ignace and park our car, then catch the ferry to Mackinac Island.  Normally, we would have spent the time waiting for the ferry looking at our phones, discussing the things we wanted to see and do once we got to the island, making small talk with each other.  But we didn’t.  And I am so glad.

lake huron beach

St. Ignace is the second oldest city in Michigan.  Its other claim to fame is that the French explorer Jacques Marquette founded a mission there in 1671 and is buried there.

But aside from its history, it’s just beautiful.  Bordering the Straits of Mackinac, you can gaze out over Lake Huron.  There is also a picturesque lighthouse.

lighthouse 7

seagulls with lighthouse

When traveling, as in life, it’s the journey that matters just as much as the destination.

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