St. Neot’s Church, Cornwall

St. Neot’s Church, Cornwall

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like anything special – just another stone church in the English countryside, with cockeyed headstones in the adjoining cemetery. However, St. Neot’s Church on the edge of Bodmin Moor in Cornwall is steeped in history, with stained glass windows dating from as far back as the early 16th century.

But before we go in the church, let’s take a look at the grounds. There are some very old graves & stonework here.

cemetery 2

That large pillar in the center of the photo is known as the Saint Neot cross. It is thought to have been given by Prince Alfred (later to become King Alfred, 9th century) who visited the area.

The little stub to the right and front of the Saint Neot cross is the small head of an old cross, all that is left of it. Many shafts were used as supports for farm gates. The top part is all that remains.


The church building was built around 1425. Some of the stained glass windows date from the period 1508-1544. They are magnificent.

inside church

stained glass 2b

stained glass 5b

If you’re traveling in or near Bodmin Moor, do yourself a favor and take a quick break at St Neot’s. It’s well worth a small detour to see these windows that have lasted throughout the centuries.

St. Neot’s Church is located on Liskeard Hill in St. Neot, Cornwall.  Postcode PL14 6NG. It was unstaffed but open when we visited. We were free to walk around and take photographs. Group tours are available but must be arranged in advance.


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