Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disney World

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disney World

The first time I went to Disney World, I was surprised that they had a Swiss Family Robinson attraction. After all, the movie first came out in 1960. I thought the treehouse was pretty cool, but had no idea how faithful it was to the movie because I had never seen the movie. When we were planning our second trip to Disney World nearly four years later, I made sure we watched the movie before we went.

Surprisingly, we all loved the movie. Even my daughter, who had a low tolerance for anything that wasn’t a cartoon.

In the movie, a family on their way to New Guinea is chased by pirates into a storm. The captain and crew abandon the ship, leaving the family shipwrecked off an uninhabited island. Father and his two eldest sons Fritz and Ernst salvage as much as they can from the wreck including livestock, tools, and even an organ. The three men construct a tree house home on the island and build inventions to provide modern amenities to the family such as drawing water and preserving food. The rest of the story involves the rescue of a teen named Bertie, fighting off pirates, two brothers vying for the affections of a girl, and sticking together as a family.

With that perspective, we were able to visit the Swiss Family Treehouse in the Magic Kingdom with a whole new appreciation for it.

For instance, here’s the giant clam shell that was converted into a wash basin.


And the sleeping quarters of some family members.


And the father’s desk.


Note the chair made of rattan.

I highly recommend watching the 1960 Walt Disney film version of Swiss Family Robinson before heading to Disney World.  Then, when you get there, be sure to go through the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse which is, amazingly, still open.  You will get so much more out of it that way.  (Also, it’s a really good movie!)

The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is located in the Adventureland section of the Magic Kingdom Park of Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom is located at 1180 Seven Seas Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830. Telephone 407-939-5277. Open daily, but hours vary by day and season.


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