The Garden Grill at Epcot Center

The Garden Grill at Epcot Center

One night on our trip to Disney World, we found ourselves with a dinner dilemma… we had planned to eat dinner at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. I use the term “planned” loosely — we didn’t have reservations and were advised by the concierge that we would, in fact, need them. I settled for making reservations to eat there several days later, but that still left me wondering where to eat that night.

I called the Disney dining number and The Garden Grill in Epcot’s Land Pavilion was recommended to me. I wasn’t very excited about it, but since it was a character meal I thought the kids would at least enjoy it.

There were two things that made this dining experience different from the others we had at Disney World. First, the restaurant rotates slowly while you are eating. This treats you to changing scenery from the Living with the Land attraction below. Second, some of the foods served are grown right there in the Living with the Land greenhouse.

Maybe it was just because my expectations were low, but it turned out to be one of the nicest meals we had at Disney World! The food, served family style, was very good, and the characters gave us LOTS of attention. We ate kind of late in the day, too, so by the time we were halfway through our meal, most of the restaurant’s other customers had left. Our waitress said we were her only table. She and the characters spent a lot of time chatting and playing with us.

We learned how to tell the difference between Chip and Dale (Chip has a small dark nose, alert eyes, and nice teeth… Dale has a large, redder nose with sleepy eyelids and messed up teeth)

and we learned how to make Goofy ears into Princess Leia style hair buns:

By the time we left the restaurant (and I do believe we were the last ones to leave!) we felt like Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale were old friends.

It was great fun!

The Garden Grill is located in the Land pavilion at Epcot Center, 1510 N Cove Rd, Orlando, FL 32830.  Telephone 407-560-6071.  Hours can vary and the restaurant is closed for about an hour in between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner.  Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 180 days in advance.


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