The Mystery Spot – St Ignace MI

The Mystery Spot – St Ignace MI

There are big signs all over Michigan’s Upper Peninsula encouraging visitors to go to The Mystery Spot without really saying what the mystery spot is. Curious, we headed there to find out.


The story goes that three surveyors in the 1950s came to explore the area and found a place where their surveying equipment did not work properly. Plumb bobs would supposedly be hanging level, yet would be drawn far to the east. In addition, the surveyors noticed that they felt slightly light-headed in the same 300 foot diameter area. They felt they had discovered a “mystery spot” that defied the laws of physics and nature. And the name stuck.

We paid for a guided tour and zipline. Our guide started off by having two people roughly the same height stand on top of a concrete block that was level.  Miraculously, one of the people suddenly seem much shorter than the other!

Similar demonstrations followed, like a chair that balances with just two legs on a thin ledge while a person is sitting on it, or being able to walk on a wall, like this young man did on our visit:

Mystery Spot MI Wall Walker.jpg

After the tour, we headed out for the zipline, which was… interesting. It was my first time and I am deathly afraid of heights. But since my husband and daughter went ahead of me, I had to join them. I almost cried but I managed to step off the platform.

Mystery Spot MI Ziplining

I was so glad I did! The zipline is actually in two segments. When you get to the end of the first segment (you may be able to see the platform off in the distance in the picture above), you are rewarded with a great view of the lake and the Mackinac Bridge. So pretty!

The Mystery Spot also has a maze and a miniature golf course. It’s a great outing for school age children and their families.

The Mystery Spot is located at N916 Martin Lake Road in St. Ignace, MI 49781. Telephone 906-643-8322. Hours vary by season; call or check website when planning your visit.

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