Tintagel: King Arthur’s Birthplace

Tintagel: King Arthur’s Birthplace

Tintagel Castle was built by Richard, Earl of Cornwall, 1233 to establish a connection with the Arthurian legends that were associated with the area and because it was seen as the traditional place for Cornish kings. The castle was built in a style that made it appear older than it really was. Richard hoped that by doing this, he could gain the Cornish people’s trust. However, the earls who followed after Richard took no interest in the property.  One hundred years after it had been built, the castle was already falling into a state of disrepair.

In case you’re wondering, this is not an adventure for anyone with a fear of heights or creaky knees. There are seriously A LOT of stairs to navigate:


But once you get up there you will be rewarded with some stunning views.



We had heard that there was a cave nearby known as Merlin’s Cave – the cave in which Merlin lived and where he first encountered Arthur. I got very excited when I spotted a rather large cave. Here’s the picture I snapped:


Unfortunately, that is not Merlin’s Cave, but rather Barras Head. Merlin’s Cave  is much less exciting, and is located directly beneath the castle ruins.


As I stated above, the views from the Tintagel Castle ruins are outstanding. The weather was extraordinarily beautiful the day that we went, so we spent quite a lot of time up there, just gazing out at the sea. The farmland was pretty too.


If you have an interest in Arthurian history, like high cliffs that overlook the sea, or are drawn to the eerie romance of ruins, be sure to visit Tintagel in northern Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle is located at Castle Road, Tintagel, Cornwall, PL34 0HE.  There is no parking on site, but there is paid parking in the village. Telephone 01840 770328.  Hours vary by season; please call or check the web site to plan your visit.  The site is managed by English Heritage.

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