Tortilla Flat, AZ – Population: 6

Tortilla Flat, AZ – Population: 6

Once upon a time, there was an Apache Trail stagecoach stop at Tortilla Flat, Arizona. Located in the Tonto National Forest, the town is now just a remnant of what the old west was like.

The welcome sign at Tortilla Flat, AZ

Originally a camping ground for the prospectors who searched for gold in the Superstition Mountains in the mid-to-late 19th century, Tortilla Flat was later a freight camp for the construction of Theodore Roosevelt Dam.  Nowadays, the population of Tortilla Flat isn’t even enough to form a baseball team.  There are only six residents in the town.

As you might imagine with a town that small, there isn’t a whole lot to do and see. There is the Superstition Saloon and Restaurant, whose bar stools are made from real saddles, and the ladies room stalls are comical.

stall door

The unique “wallpaper” is made from real dollar bills from visitors all around the world.  It’s interesting to see how some people decorated their dollar bill and what was written on all of them.

dollars 2

dollars 1

Tortilla Flat is a nice diversion in between other activities.  Stop by and check it out!

To get to Tortilla Flat from the Phoenix area:

  • Take US 60 East (Superstition Freeway), to Apache Junction
  • Take the Idaho exit and go north to State Route 88.
  • Take a right on SR 88 and travel 18 miles northeast to Tortilla Flat.  The town is located 2 miles past Canyon Lake

Telephone 480-984-1776.


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