Why Traveling is Good for You

Why Traveling is Good for You

Why Traveling is Good for You

Disclaimer:  I am completely biased on this subject. I think that traveling is the most exciting, rewarding, and fun adventure one can have. When I hear people say that they don’t like to travel, it blows my mind. I just can’t wrap my mind around the concept of not enjoying travel. Here’s why.

Traveling is Good Because It Lets You Live Like the Rich

why traveling is good for you - live like the rich

When we travel, we are saying goodbye to our homes for a short period of time. Usually, that means we are also saying goodbye to doing our laundry, cooking, cleaning, going through the mail, and other tedious (but necessary) chores. For one week we live like the rich, having someone else make our beds, provide us with fresh towels, prepare our meals, and so on. It’s awesome!

Traveling is Good Because it Enables You to Learn New Things

why traveling is good for you knowledge gained

If I stayed in my little corner of the world and never ventured out into what lies beyond, I would have stopped learning a long time ago. But because I travel, I have learned some fascinating things. For instance:

Traveling is Good Because It Helps You Find Common Ground

why traveling is good for you diversity

No matter what language, no matter what color the skin, people have more in common with each other than they differ. Traveling gives you a glimpse into other cultures and lets you see how alike we are. All over the world, harried mothers struggle with headstrong toddlers, young couples hold hands, babies smile at strangers, and people make mmmmm sounds when they eat something delicious. All over the world, people get annoyed in traffic, appreciate of beauty, and come home tired after a long day at work. Realizing our similarities is the foundation for goodwill and peace, which makes us better people and makes the world a better place in which to live.

Traveling is Good Because It’s Cheaper Than Therapy*

why traveling is good for you therapy

Traveling gives us a way to take a step back from things that are weighing heavily on our minds. Removed from the situation that is troubling us, we are able to consider it with almost complete objectivity. Separated from the constant distraction of our everyday routines, we find ourselves engaging in introspection. When we travel, we are more likely to examine ourselves, our relationships, and our goals.

*It may not be cheaper than therapy in some cases. But it’s definitely more fun.  🙂

Traveling is Good Because It Turns You Into a Kid Again

Why traveling is good for you sense of wonder

How often do you walk down a street in your home town and marvel at the architecture of the buildings there? How much time do you spend at your local park, watching birds and squirrels and people? Do you ever look up at the sky, take a deep breath, and smile?

There is something about traveling that turns us all into young children, full of wide-eyed wonder and enthusiastic appreciation for everything around us. Everything we see and do when we travel is new and exciting and amazing! What’s not to love about that?

Traveling is Good Because It Takes Us Outside Our Comfort Zone

why traveling is good for you outside comfort zone

I have done things while traveling that I would never have the courage to do at home. I ziplined for the first time while we were traveling in Michigan, climbed up 199 steps to reach the top of a lighthouse in New Jersey, went on a hot air balloon ride in Arizona, and hand-fed a zebra in Texas.

But my bravest act of travel so far was just this past May, when my family and I went to Peru. It was just the three of us. No guides, no translators, no tour groups. My daughter had almost completed her first year of high school Spanish and my husband didn’t know any Spanish at all. That meant that I had to do most of the communicating. It was nerve-wracking because, to be honest, I didn’t have much faith in my command of the Spanish language. At one time I was nearly fluent, but I hadn’t really used any Spanish since I left college, many years ago. To say that I was rusty was an understatement. Thankfully, my Spanish was passable enough to get us through most situations. Google Translate filled in the gaps whenever we needed it.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Why?  Well, there are some very good reasons: it gives us confidence in our abilities, it helps us realize that we often worry unnecessarily, and it gives us a sense of accomplishment when we overcome our doubts and fears. Most importantly, though, it opens up new experiences for us that we might not otherwise have explored.

Traveling is Good Because It Allows Us to Have Unforgettable Experiences

why traveling is good for you unforgettable experiences

In the course of my travels, I have had experiences and seen things that I will never be able to forget. Here are just a few:

The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London – we emerged from the London Underground station and immediately saw the Tower of London before us.  I froze in my tracks. This fortress, built over 900 years ago, was the place where Anne Boleyn lost her life.  Where Elizabeth I was held prisoner by her sister.  Where the Crown Jewels are kept. I could not take my eyes off it. (I know, I’m a hopeless history geek!) That night, we got to witness the Ceremony of the Keys, a tradition that has taken place every night for the last 700 years or so.  Our next visit to the Tower was a daytime visit, and we got to see the Doomsday Book. Like the building, it was over 900 years old, and it contained the names of everyone who lived in England and paid taxes at the time (including some of my ancestors). Also at the Tower, we saw the crown jewels and the throne chair of Henry VI. It was amazing.

On a trip to Paris, I saw the Venus de Milo in the Louvre. (I did not, however, see the Mona Lisa, even though we stood in the gallery where it was displayed.  Unfortunately, our guide thought it was more important for us to see the painting of Napoleon’s Coronation. At the time, I couldn’t figure out why so many people were on the other side of the room, murmuring excitedly. I stood on tiptoe and was able to see enough to recognize the famous painting – essentially just part of her forehead.)

In our travels, we’ve fed zebras, a baby bear, giraffes, and a tiger.

So What Are You Waiting For?

why traveling is good for you

Even if you disagree with everything I’ve written above, then I have one undeniable reason why traveling is good for you: it breaks up your routine and gets you out of a rut. So, if for no other reason than that, plan a little trip for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

why traveling is good for you

13 Replies to “Why Traveling is Good for You”

  1. These are all great points! I especially like your point that traveling can make you like a kid again – you get all wide-eyed and full of wonder 🙂 Stretching our comfort zones is always good, and it’s been proven that people are happier when they spend money on experiences over things 😀

  2. I love to travel! When I travel, I feel so much more relaxed and happy and open to new things. I wish I could maintain some of those things when I am at home and explore more and not worry so much.

    1. On our trip to the UK last fall, there was a morning when I woke up before everyone else, dressed, and went out for a walk on the beach. When I came back to our Airbnb, I fixed breakfast, happy as could be. That’s when I realized that I am a COMPLETELY different person when I am on vacation than I am when I am home.

  3. Love love love this post. We will be sharing it as it really hits home. We love not doing chores while traveling haha. There is so much to learn and so many people to meet, the world is our oyster!

  4. What an awesome post! I am longing to start traveling now that my Kiddies are a bit older. I want to explore the world for myself but also for them. I want them to have the experiences I didn’t as a child – to know there is so much world out there beyond the US!

    1. There are some great places to visit here in the US as well. I don’t know how old your kids are, but when my daughter was in first grade we took a trip to Kentucky. She missed a little bit of school, and her teacher said that in lieu of make up work she could keep a travel journal to share with the class when she returned. It turned out to be a great idea – the things that she wrote and drew were adorable and really gave me an insight into what she thought of the trip. 🙂

  5. I completely agree with all these points! And though I love seeing new things and having new experiences, I think having a break from cooking and cleaning is my favorite part of traveling 😉

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