Agawa Canyon Train Ride

Agawa Canyon Train Ride

The Agawa Canyon is a shallow canyon located in Northeastern Ontario, Canada, and is only accessible by rail or hiking trail. The Algoma Railway has a special tour train that allows you to ride the rails from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario to the Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park and back.

train 1

park sign

Before I continue, allow me to say that I don’t particularly like to travel by train. I find it slow and cumbersome and not very exciting. However, since my Hubs is a fan of alternative means of transportation, I booked this trip for his enjoyment. I did enjoy looking out the window on the way to the park, however, as it allowed me to see a lot of beautiful scenery like this lake.

lake 4

And the Montreal River (after the clouds went away):

montreal river 3

The entire trip lasts about ten hours, but only an hour and a half  was set aside for us to enjoy the park. The park has a variety of trails that lead to the most scenic spots, including four waterfalls and the breathtaking lookout. The day that we visited, the waterfalls were more like a trickle due to weather conditions and our timing. However, the Agawa River was very pretty:

agawa river 3

I’m sure that in the autumn when the leaves have started to turn colors, it would be absolutely stunning.

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train operates daily from late June to mid-October.  It departs from and returns to 129 Bay Street, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Telephone 800-242-9287. Reservations are strongly recommended.

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