"Vasehenge" in Zanesville, Ohio

"Vasehenge" in Zanesville, Ohio

Right after we crossed the Y-shaped bridge in Zanesville, Ohio, we happened upon a large circle of giant vases that the locals refer to as “Vasehenge.” Each of the vases has been decorated with a different theme. There are additional vases at other locations in the town.

Giant Vases Decorated Ohio Pottery

The vases were inspired by Weller Pottery, which at one time was the largest employer in Zanesville (1500 employees). Many Weller Pottery pieces are highly collectible today. One hundred of the giant vases were decorated by artists and placed at several locations in the community as a fund-raising project in 2005. The unsold vases were placed in this empty lot in a circular formation that calls to mind Stonehenge. Here are a few of my favorites:

Thomas Kincaid Style Painting of Lighthouse on Vase

Vase Weller Pottery Zanesville

Weller Vase Pottery Zanesville Ohio

Zanesville is known for its pottery, and it hosts an annual pottery festival. If pottery is your thing, be sure to check out Vasehenge as well as the Zanesville Museum of Art.


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