The Scottish Walk Parade – Alexandria VA

The Scottish Walk Parade – Alexandria VA

Every year, generally the first weekend in December, Alexandria VA hosts a Scottish Walk Weekend and Parade. The weekend includes a variety of events from a home tour to a marketplace to a “Taste of Scotland” that features a Scotch tasting menu and, of course, Scotch whiskey.

And then there’s the parade. I’m normally not a big fan of parades – particularly those that take place in cold weather – but this one was a delight. Bagpipe music is one of those things that people either love or hate and I have both feet firmly planted in the LOVE camp. The parade included much more than just bagpipers, which I will get to in a moment, but for now let’s just appreciate men in kilts.

parade bagpipe band 6

parade bagpipe band 10

Even Santa was wearing a kilt and playing the pipes.

parade bagpiper looks like santa.jpg

The parade also included several dogs of different breeds. Naturally, there was a Scottish deerhound.

parade dog 2B

And this rare breed:

parade dog 4B

Modes of transportation were heavily featured, too. My favorites were a shiny red vintage Jaguar, and this:

parade carriage 2

There were some historical re-enactors there as well, with gorgeous costumes.

parade ren garb 1B.jpg

And weapons! You have to bring out your most impressive weapons to show them off every now and then.

parade really big sword 2.jpg

parade weapons 2.JPG

If you’re in the DC area in early December, make sure to catch this parade in Old Town Alexandria. Afterwards, you can shop at all the lovely stores and enjoy the small town ambiance (even though you’re not in a small town at all).

The Scottish Walk parade is held annually, generally the first Saturday in December. It, and the other Scottish weekend events, are put on by The Campagna Center, a non-profit organization that provides educational and social development programs.


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